Safety Class


If you want to schedule a class and know of a meeting place, please contact me.
The owner of the garage gets a discount on the class.

38mm class Cost $235
54mm class Cost $345
You will learn the basics of propellant manufacture and the techniques to safely make propellant.
We will mix and pack a reload for your casing.
You will learn a pyrogen formula and how to make 5 cent igniters.
You may attend any subsequent class free as a refresher.
You will receive the following equipment with the 38mm class.
complete 6 grain 680 NS "J" motor (retail $80)
class manual with propellant calculator software on CD (retail $40)
aluminum casting base (retail $6)
packing tool (retail $1)
6 grain reload (retail $25)
as many ignitors as you care to wrap and dip (priceless)
the class always starts at 0900
it normally finishes the first day at about 1700
we cover the safety procedures, motor design, mixing, packing propellant
and making ignitors
the 2nd day normally finishes around 1200
we cut and core the propellant we made, and possibly static fire it
the class may be paid for the first day of class
credit cards are only accepted on the website
please enroll by sending email and tell me 38mm or 54mm