54mm Hardware (not compatible with AMW)

Each motor casing comes with snap-rings, thrust washer, and graphite nozzle.

It does not include the forward bulkhead.

These casings fit Aeropac and Slimline

3 grain full "J" 17" 1200 NS
4 In stock


6 grain full "K" 29" 2300 NS
2 In stock


54mm Parts and Miscellaneous items

special order

Silicone "O"-rings (2)


Thrust washer


48" phenolic liner
with paper casting liner (1 of each)


High Quality Graphite Nozzle
(good for 15 to 20 firings
with most propellants)
Specify casing size


Internal snap-rings (set of 2)


Aluminum Propellant Casting Base


Plugged Forward bulkhead


Packing Tool Set


The packing tool set consists of three drilled aluminum casting bases with matching 1/2" diameter 14" long teflon mandrels, an aluminum handled teflon ram, and a mandrel extraction wrench. This makes packing a much faster and easier process than using the packing tool included with the class. It also eliminates 95% of the propellant that is normally drilled out and wasted.

AL tube 54mm OD, wall .177"
Outer liner OD 1.745"
Casting liner ID 1.6"